Programs & Facilities - Drama

Ballarat Specialist School’s drama program caters for students in the Junior, Middle and Senior schools. The drama room is specifically equipped for the program and for filmmaking, which is part of the drama program. Sessions are held in forty-five minute blocks in the Junior and Middle School. In Senior School, drama may be taken as an elective for a full afternoon. Students work from existing stories in Junior and early Middle School. As they mature, improvisation becomes a vital feature of the drama program. Characters are developed through the use of props and costumes and various styles of drama and filmmaking are explored and developed. Students have opportunities to show their films to the school community at school assemblies, at the winter film festival and at the annual school concert. Students also prepare live performances which they share with various members of the school community. The performing arts incursions program provides wonderful opportunities for students to see and enjoy professional actors and other types of performers such as magicians and dancers