Programs & Facilities - Music

Ballarat Specialist School’s Music program caters for students in the Junior, Middle and Senior Sections of the school. Sessions are held in 45 minute blocks, where students can play, sing and dance. Experimentation with sound is highly encouraged, as students can produce soundscapes and stories relating to a variety of topics. Establishing and consolidating the fundamental musical concepts of fast/slow; loud/soft; high/low is a crucial part of the music program.
Technology is also a part of the music program with students using music applications, such as Space Twinkle, Bloom, Bebot and Beatwave to access a more sensory experience and others such as GarageBand, which help students compose their own pieces of music with traditional instruments and sounds through a digital medium.
As well, music sessions allow students to participate in the end of term assemblies, and the highlight of the school year – the annual school concert. Each concert has a theme, and classes work together to produce amazing items which involve many hours of practice, costume and prop creation.
Throughout the year, a number of music performers visit the school, providing students with opportunities to experience a range of musical styles. This has proved to be a fantastic inclusion in the music program, with both staff and students eager to participate. The Music program works alongside the Drama and Instrumental Music curriculum at the school, and has formed the Performing Arts Team, where staff coordinate events, share resources and plan sessions that are relevant and benefit each other.