Programs & Facilities - Work Experience Program

The work experience program is designed to equip students with skills that will serve them well in the workforce when they leave school. Beginning at Year 10 the program continues through until the end of Year 12. Whilst in the workplace, students develop many skills that are specific to individual work places as well as those that will apply in any workplace such as the ability to communicate, the importance of being punctual and reliable and how rewarding being able to carry out tasks in the workplace can be. The students are able to experience first-hand what happens in a typical day on the job.
The work experience program also offers students an opportunity to ‘taste’ different workplaces. It can help students make informed decisions about their career choices by either affirming that a selected field is one that they would enjoy or confirming that it may not be the right choice. In some instances, work experience has led to part-time employment. Work experience can build self-esteem and provides the students with a real insight into life in the workforce.

Transitioning for Complex Needs For students with higher or more complex needs, transitioning is a critical component of the Senior program. Each year a Careers/Transition Expo is held through the school to inform students, parents and carers of the choices that are available when they leave school. Agencies such as NDIS, Centerlink, Pinarc, McCallum, Axis employment, Brace and Merrimu are represented at the Expo which provides access to valuable information and guidance related to options for students. In their first year, students have the opportunity to trial agencies and, once a decision has been made regarding their post-school-pathway they are able to participate in a transitioning program which will help them be better prepared for the program they have opted for when they leave school.