Programs & Facilities - Physical Education

The Physical Education program is implemented in the Junior, Middle and Senior schools. Each class in the Junior and Middle school is timetabled for a one hour session each week and senior students are offered Physical Education as an elective.

The program aims to:
- encourage and maintain positive attitudes towards health, sports and physical education and provide opportunities for students to participate in a variety of fundamental motor skills and games.
- develop an awareness of self and body image through fundamental motor activities.
- support students to develop functional manipulative skills.
- develop socialisation and collaborative skills.
- develop an awareness of the need to be physically fit and healthy.
- provide experiences in fundamental motor activities which develop mobility and movement.
- develop and extend cardiovascular fitness, coordination, spatial awareness, control, strength, grip, direction and dexterity.
- develop purpose for physical movement.

- Individual and group activities are planned based on ability and present skills.
- Appropriate equipment is purchased to develop, challenge and extend skills.
- Guest speakers are invited to the school to talk on various fundamental motor skills.
- Specialised Therapy implementation, as necessary.
- Students have the opportunity to participate in a wide range of sporting/physical education activities both at school and also utilising community amenities. 
- Peer/cross age tutoring is used for the introduction and development of fundamental motor skills. 
- Interschool sporting program annually.
- Use of themes/goals to assist the introduction and development of the fundamental motor skills.
- Soccer elective program students in the Junior, Middle and Senior schools .
- School cross country and Victorian State cross country championships annually.
- Greater Western Region Athletics.
- Federation University Sports day.
- Ballarat and Melton Sports day.