Programs & Facilities - Woodwork

The woodwork program caters for junior, middle and senior school students. The program`s aim is to teach woodwork skills appropriate to individual abilities and also incorporates other skill development such as numeracy, literacy, communication, teamwork, planning and occupational health and safety (OHS). Junior school students are introduced to carpentry hand tools, such as hammers and hand saws, and other carpentry materials such as woodworking glues and paints. Students use these tools and materials to make a range of simple wooden models, for example hammering a pattern of nails into wooden blocks and using a hand saw to cut timber into large Jenga blocks. Middle school students who have been exposed to the program longer have more developed skills and hence are able to produce more advanced models, for example small stools, pencil boxes, birdhouses and tool boxes. Senior school students are encouraged to develop their own projects, they are able to work more independently and the results are models such as treasure chests, bar stools, Adirondack chairs coffee tables and book cases. Senior school students are also encouraged to be team leaders and assist those class mates who may need help with their projects. In the woodwork program we try to integrate learning into real life tasks, for example concreting the pig pen and installing a heater into the chook pen and docket holders into the café. Furthermore, we adopt a practical and hands on way of learning, for example learning how to divide a piece of timber into equal lengths and producing a material list and price checking those items at different hardware stores.