Programs & Facilities - Specialist Library and Learning Resource Centre

The Specialist Library and Learning Resource Centre provides an extensive range of books, games, toys and educational kits designed to engage students and support individual learning needs.
The library seeks to promote a reading culture in students. Picture books, chapter books, graphic novels and information books are available for student borrowing.
The PM eCollection Platform gives students access to levelled reading material using their iPad. The PM eCollection website allows staff to allocate ebooks to individual students and to monitor their reading progress.
The Osmo Game System for iPads transforms the physical space in front of an iPad into a digital game board. Students work with word games and maths games while turn taking skills are developed. Several iPads with Osmo games are available for classroom use.
Mathematics resources address specific learning.
Fine Motor Skill resources help develop fine motor strength, hand eye coordination, pincer grasp, finger isolation, motor planning and spatial awareness.
Personal Development Resources support the teaching and learning of personal hygiene, behaviour management, the human life cycle, relationships, social skills, emotions, grief and loss, drug education, the human body and healthy eating.
Sensory Stories have been developed by staff. Story props enable the user to experience some or all of the senses while actively participating when listening to a story. These stories are designed to ensure students of all abilities are fully engaged in a story.
Resources include Assessment tools to measure literacy and numeracy achievement and evaluate language, play development, visual motor abilities and communication
The Parent Library contains a large selection of resources which are available for school parents to borrow. These resources include books providing information on Syndromes and Disorders, brochures and contact Information, parents’ stories, social stories, magazines and newsletters.
A staff member is available to assist teachers locate appropriate resources to meet the needs of all student.