Our School - Enrolment

Ballarat Specialist School is a State Government school for students with Intellectual Disabilities.
For a student to be eligible to come to Ballarat Specialist School they need to have a diagnosed Intellectual Disability. This does not preclude other diagnosis such as Autism Spectrum, but they have to be assessed as having a full scale IQ of below 70. Students also need to be able to show a prior history of needing ongoing curriculum support. Students must be between the ages of 5 & 18 to attend Ballarat Specialist School. Our Early learning centre caters for students aged 3-5 and has a different enrolment criterion.

Ballarat Specialist School students have the opportunity to be transported to and from school via department funded school bus.There are currently limited vacancies on these buses please check during the enrolment process to see if a seat is available. Uniforms are not compulsory at Ballarat Specialist School. However we encourage students to wear the school uniform, the uniforms can be purchased from the front office.

If you need further information or would like to arrange for an enrolment or a tour please contact Carol Anderson.