Our School - Integrated Services Team

•Wellbeing Team Leader: Kate Thomas
•Allied Health Team Leader: Els Tielemans
•Engagement Learning Specialist: Teegan Baker
•IST Administration Officer: Suzi Koene

The Allied Health Team (speech pathologists, occupational therapists, music therapist, physiotherapist, nurse and allied health assistants) and Wellbeing & Engagement Team (psychologist, engagement learning specialist, student welfare officers, behavioural occupational therapist, wellbeing & engagement assistant) collaborate with the class staff to offer integrated and coordinated supports based on student?s individual needs.


Referrals for integrated services support can be made by teachers, parents/carers or students. Parents/carers can contact their child?s teacher or the IST administration officer (Ph. 5334 1302). Students can self-refer by contacting the Wellbeing & Engagement team or Allied Health Team.

A three-tiered response-to-intervention model is used to support all students. •Tier 3- Individualised, intensive supports (e.g. physiotherapy hydro sessions, counselling sessions, specialised assessments, mealtime plans)
•Tier 2-Targeted, supplemented supports through group programming or adapted timetabling (e.g. sensory gym, Drumbeat, Seasons for Growth, Pride group)
•Tier 1-Whole school programming supports, integrated into the curriculum and classroom (e.g. PBIS, Zones of Regulation, use of visuals

The support strategies may include staff training sessions, resource packages, adapted equipment, teacher and student observations, assessments, coaching sessions, consultations, meetings, intervention sessions, group programs, referrals to external agencies, reports and recommendations letters.


If your child is receiving individualised, intense support, you will receive information about these supports via email, phone calls, Seesaw posts or referral reports.


The Integrated Services Team also coordinates all NDIS related queries. All requests made by external therapists or agencies are processed by the Integrated Services Team. Please contact the IST Administration Officer about any NDIS related questions.